Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Workflow Foundation 4, plus Macrocrafter stuff.

Um... Wow. I'm really looking forward to WF4. I've been interested in Workflow since Whidbey, and I'm very glad to see it's all getting much more streamlined and easier to work with. I watched the PDC talk that Matt Winkler gave which included a number of demos - you can watch it here and be awed just like me!

I particularly liked how much easier it seems to be to rehost the workflow designer - this is going to be central to one of my pet projects, which I have yet to talk about here...

Before I go - I promised on my old Macrocrafter programming blog that I would talk about Macrocrafter projects as well as my hobby and work-related projects, so I shall. I have three Macrocrafter-related projects that I'm going to be working on for EQ2. Two of them are directly related, and I probably should just count them as one project - one of them is an EverHarvest rewrite, and the other is integrating a hunting box into EverHarvest.

I've talked about this before, but since Life hit me full-on about half a year back (and hasn't let up until very recently), I've been unable to start this project. The plan is to have EverHarvest and the hunter bot (once called AutoGrind, then AG, then Silver [if you can catch the reference], but no longer) share a codebase, since they're so incredibly similar. Both programs require walking around, both target things, both activate in-game functions when a target is acquired, etc. Integrating the two will give users of both 'sub-programs' the best of both worlds - if you're harvesting, you can defend yourself - and if you're hunting, you can harvest during the interim.

The licensing model for this is something I've talked about before as well. Even though I'm combining the programs, I plan on keeping the licensing separate. EverHarvest will continue to work on its own (with no hunter bot functionality) if you never buy a hunter bot license. Same with the hunter bot. But if you buy a license for both (and there will be some sort of package deal, as well as a grandfathering deal for current EH users), you'll get functionality for both.

My third Macrocrafter project is, well, a cheat program, pure and simple. Speed hack, teleport, safe-fall, etc. It will *not* be safe for use - in fact, it's cheating, so if you use it excessively expect to catch a ban.

Well, that's all for now. Time to get back to work - they're not paying me to blog. =)


Neuroptosis said...

I can't wait to see your combined harvest/grind project! I was wondering if there would be a way to run multiple sessions of the program enabling you to bot your entire group (or even a raid!!) from one or two computers (or a few more for raiding hehe). Looking forward to a great year!!


Erik said...

Re multiple instances - that is definitely something I'd like to do. Your comment reminds me of a project I had on the docket for a while that I kinda dumped - I'll post about it in a few days or so, if I remember to - but I considered a program that would do exactly what you suggest.

Thanks for reading. =)

mystri said...

So Erik...can you tell me what the address to the Macrocrafter/Evercraft webpage is now? Been looking for it to no avail.

Erik said...

Sure - it's http://macrocrafter.com/

mystri said...

Hmm...for some reason I keep getting the error message that the link is broken, that's why I asked what the address was because I thought maybe you guys had changed the name or moved it. Not sure what's going on. :(

Erik said...

That's weird - nope, nothing's changed on our end.