Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big plans.

So I hinted, last time, about some big plans I have for a new EQ2 project. I think I may have gone off the deep end a bit with this one, but I'm thinking I might have a winner.

People have been begging for a hunter bot for a while now, and while I could make one, I don't think I could do it justice. EQ2 is a very complex beast, with combat being especially complex. Despite what many think, it's *not* as simple as walking around, targeting stuff, and mashing buttons until you're done. When you play EQ2, and you fight things, you create little strategies out of the abilities you're given, and considering that there are 24 classes and umpteen billion ways of customizing (AA, etc), there are far too many of these strategies to bake in to the software.

So, in order to appeal to everyone, I'm going to stop working on the hunter bot, and start working on my new project, a group assistant (or you could call it a two-box helper).

This will, however, be like no ordinary two-box helper. My system will be completely customizable, down to every last detail, thanks to a custom rules engine I plan to build. I'm scrapping my DSL idea for this - it works, but I don't want to trust it for a production build, not yet - and going with an XML rules system with a visual designer on top of it.

This will not be a general purpose scripting application. The rules engine will support the project's only goal - to make two-boxing (or three, four, five, twenty, etc) a hands-off endeavor.

But I have ulterior motives as well... This application will facilitate a rules-based system upon which the final hunter-bot can be built. Once the rules engine is in place, and all the wiring is complete, it'll be go time.

More details to come later. =)

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