Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nearly done setting up ShadowTeq!

Good news everybody! ShadowTeq is nearly done being set up - which means, I'll be monetizing EverHarvest again. The past several months have been interesting - free working EverHarvest for all - but soon I'll be resetting the trials and setting them back to 5 day expirations. After that, you'll have to buy a license (unless you already have one) and subscribe to the site in order to use it.

On my mind is the subject of what exactly EverHarvest is. Most people call it a harvest bot - but I don't personally like that terminology. I prefer harvesting automation software' to harvest bot', but I recognize that there isn't much I can do to change perception. The reason 'harvest bot' is the wrong word for EverHarvest is that it calls to mind unprofessional script-like software, written poorly, unsupported, and requires arcane tricks to get working. That's the same reason we don't call EverHarvest a harvest macro, harvest script, or similar. It's more professional than that - more user-friendly.

Ah well. Just ranting. Take a look at ShadowTeq and let me know what you think. =)

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