Saturday, June 13, 2009

New F# project

Despite the fact that work has intervened in almost all my personal project plans (mostly in the form of making me want to do anything but programming while I'm at home), I still want to learn a new language. F# has been on my radar for a while, especially since it's being included with vs2010. I have been struggling with trying to find something to write in F#, something that I know well enough to be useful as a tutorial for myself, but also something large enough that I'll be able to use most of the idioms in F# that I should need for most any large project.

I had forgotten that, apart from simple expression parsers, I used my Random Name Generator project to learn new languages. My name generator requires text input in order to build statistical data from which random words are generated. It was originally written in Visual Basic 6.0, and was ported to VB.NET, then to C#, in order for me to learn those respective languages. I think it's time to do it again. =)

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