Monday, June 15, 2009


While working on converting my name generator from C# to F#, I've come across some strange things.

I mentioned earlier that the statistical analysis portion of my generator counts the number of syllables in its input set in order to use that data to make certain syllables appear more often than others. While looking through my C# code, it appears that this is not the case - I, in fact, am not using that data for anything.

It was my original intention to use it as such, but in retrospect I recall having issues translating this requirement into functionality - especially since I was using SQL Server to perform my random picking. I wonder if I can fulfill this requirement now that I'm using F# and eschewing SQL.

By the way - when I'm done with this project, I'll post up snippets of my F# for review... I'm sure you vets will have plenty to chuckle at! :)


Matthew said...

Hey Erik, you'll be able to convert this in time even if you are having slight issues with getting the code flowing seamless with your syllable generator. You posted this a few days ago and I imagine you have made leaps and bounds since. Keep up the good work and most important, keep up the positive attitude and work ethic you bring to the table.

Erik said...

"I imagine you have made leaps and bounds since." -- As a matter of fact I have. =) It's a lot of fun actually learning a completely different way of thinking about a problem, and finding ways to solve them using the idioms of a different language.