Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday baby girl =) And some other stuff.

So my daughter just turned 2 years old today. We had a party at CiCi's, and fun, pizza, and cake was had all around. =)

A friend of mine in NYC has a lot of extra work he's unable to do himself, due to having his own full-time job, family, etc., so he's farming it out to me. It's a great situation as I currently have a work deficit, so taking it off his hands helps me out a lot. So far I've updated three websites owned by the same company - took me the better part of a day to get it all completed, but it wasn't terribly hard. Mostly grunt-work, but it pays, and it's not brainless. I am by no means complaining. =)

Finding work in Charleston, SC has been difficult - the two large development companies out here have both rejected me as being "not quite what they want" - I don't have any team-oriented experience, or large enterprise experience, which is all they're looking for out here. My argument is that if everyone wants to hire people with prior team experience, how can anyone who doesn't have it get it? Eventually there'll be nobody left except people *without* team experience, and then what will they do?

Bah. Perhaps I'm bitter - I need a job so I can put food on the table and pay rent and all that rot. It's frustrating. I'm actually hoping I find a computer / network tech job I can do, rather than programming - I think I'll have more fun doing that, since I'll get to work with people, help solve their immediate problems, etc.

Maybe I'll see if I can find investors for that computer recycling business I've been thinking of starting.

Anyway - very little work has occurred on my next EQ2 project, which one of my friends has dubbed EverDroid - a name I think I'll use. I need to build an Eval system into Autocrat, because this is something I'm going to use a lot in projects to come, for the sake of configuration and behavior customization. That won't be hard - I've got a simple console proof of concept working just fine, compiling expressions in VB.NET (which I think non-programmers will find easier to reason about - Microsoft agrees, and has done the same thing for their expression compiler in Windows Workflow 4).

EverHarvest had a good month last month - decent sales, despite the economic issues. Not nearly what it used to be, but then again I never expected it to be. Most people seem to be happy with it, when it works - which it's not at the moment; I've been working on the next update in response to Sony's latest changes, but they're doing their rapid-fire patching again, which always makes me want to wait... I was half-way through the last set of updates when they patched again yesterday, ruining my work. Ah well - such is the price to pay. Overall it's nothing to complain about - I work on it maybe two days total out of every month.

So, that's my update today. I'll get back to the millstone again and crank out the EH update. I really need to write some helper tools for this thing...

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