Monday, December 14, 2009

The Future of EverHarvest

Michael and I have decided to separate our business - EverHarvest is no longer being hosted on his site or supported via his forums.

This does not mean, however, that I will not be continuing to keep it running. At present, the authentication service that allows users with active licenses will continue to run on Michael's site, and I will be effectively extending licenses indefinitely - that is to say, if you purchased an EverHarvest license at some point in the past, then you will very soon be able to use it regardless of whether your license is expired or not. This is a temporary measure however since license extension purchases have been removed from Michael's site.

I will continue performing updates to EverHarvest that are required as a result of EverQuest patches and client changes. In the event that a patch occurs before I have my new site up and running, I will be working with Michael to publish the changes and maintain EverHarvest's working status.

At the moment I am unable to field support requests except via my email inbox, which you can reach by following the Contact Us link at the top of the site.

Know that Michael made a decision he felt necessary to protect his business, and that he's not 'screwing me' or anything like that. He feels that my inability to provide timely updates to EverHarvest impacted negatively on his business (by virtue of association), and he has taken steps to mitigate any damage to his business's reputation it might cause.

As far as the money goes - Michael and I did share some of the revenue for EverHarvest at one point, but that was part of a deal regarding hosting and support (which he ended up paying back to me at the time anyway). He has provided the hosting of EverHarvest for free for longer than a year (if memory serves). I wrote the Autocrat framework upon which both EverHarvest and EverCraft are built, and he paid me for my time and effort.

Summary: it is my intention to build a new site for hosting EverHarvest. Michael is going to host the authentication server temporariliy while I get the new site up and running. During this time period, there will be no need to purchase license extensions for EverHarvest - your software will continue to work regardless of how much time is left on it. After the new site is up and running, your licenses will be back to normal (and I'll be applying some heavy license extensions as well to cover the last couple of downtimes, plus the time spent in this "limbo" between sites). Michael and I are communicating amicably, and are going in fact considering setting up a sort of 'partnership' whereby we recommend each other's services. There aren't any details on this yet but expect to see something on my new site (still unnamed) within the next couple of weeks.

PLEASE don't go on his forums and try to defend me, ESPECIALLY if your defense includes personal attacks on Michael or his business. That sort of thing will not be condoned by either of us - and while I appreciate the loyalty, it's entirely misdirected.


Tester said...

Sounds great, Erik. We're all very glad to hear you'll be continuing with it. I'm sure you'll have plenty of beta testers available to you, if you need them!

Chris said...

Sounds good :)

Roomurray said...

I've heard all this before!! - Please repay my outstanding subscription fee.

For details of my paypal account please email me

Erik said...

Roo - why don't you do what everyone else who's requested a refund has done, and email me a copy of your Paypal receipt.

I will be happy to refund you but I need your receipt to know which account (mine or Michael's) to refund you from.

Erik said...

And by the way - my personal blog isn't a support medium... For now continue using the Macrocrafter forums, or email me directly.

Erik said...

And lastly - it's usually considered rude to try and dispute a Paypal payment BEFORE you ask for a refund. Jeeze.